Machine Learning


Can we adapt sparse regression techniques to infer the underlying hypergraphs from time-series data in a model-free fashion? How important are higher-order interactions in the brain?

  • R. Delabays, G. De Pasquale, F. Dörfler, and Y. Zhang, Hypergraph reconstruction from dynamics, arXiv:2402.00078

Reservior computing

Reservoir Computing (RC) is a simple and efficient model-free framework for forecasting the behavior of nonlinear dynamical systems from data. I am interested in understanding the success as well as identifying limitations of RC.

Reinforcement learning

Can we use reinforcement learning (RL) to improve synchronization? Would the solutions found by RL be interpretable?

  • Z. Chen, T. Anglea, Y. Zhang and Y. Wang, Optimal synchronization in pulse-coupled oscillator networks using reinforcement learning, PNAS Nexus 2, pgad102 (2023)